RdlcRptGen Class 10

Generate reports and charts at run-time, using the Microsoft ReportViewer Control, user specified options, and the RdlcRptGen Class.

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With the RdlcRptGen Class dynamically generate reports and charts based on end-user selections.

Now available Ver 10 that works with ReportViewer Ver 10 and Visual Studio Ver 10.

Set the properties of the RdlcRptGen Class based on user selections and generate reports or charts using the Microsoft ReportViewer Control. Included with the trial RdlcRptGen Class download is a FREE example of a web page, with full source code, of one possible way of collecting end-user selections. This can be used as is, or modified to suit your individual needs. This FREE example is included with the trial download. This example also has code examples of how to dynamically call the ReportViewer Control.

A demo of generating reports and charts using the RdlcRptGen Class can be seen by clicking here or by clicking on the menu item above.

The RdlcRptGen Class, is a Class written in C# which accepts a DataTable parameter and then generates the necessary RDLC xml file and displays a report or chart, based on the DataTable, in the ReportViewer Control. The RdlcRptGen Class can use as little as one line of code, or optionally additional properties can be set to control other elements of the report (IE: Charts, Column Header, Column Width, Selected Fields, Report Header, Groupings, Total Fields, etc).

The RdlcRptGenClass works with Web and Window Forms. The trial download is full featured with only a reminder note on the generated reports and charts and is limited to 100 records. You can see sample code by clicking the “How It Works” item on the menu bar or by clicking here .
The cost to purchase is $49.85 for the compiled version and $149.65 for the source version.


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